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Hi, my name is Karen Meltcher of You Made Anew and YMA Body Slimming. We are happy to be offering the latest cutting edge technology in fat cavitation (or fat melting, as I like to say). We offer treatment for clients and are also the Australian and New Zealand distributors for the technology and training.


Almost a decade ago, when I first heard about this technology (although it was in its infancy and not very effective), I thought, this is something to watch and see what develops! Last year I had a strong push to turn on the TV, (even though I do not have a television on during my working day), and the Dr. Oz show was on showing the latest offering in fat cavitation technology and he appeared very excited.


I did some research and discovered who was responsible for this great technology. A couple of months later, after numerous Skype calls and emails, I took off for Los Angeles to see it all first hand. What I was presented with absolutely blew me away. To see inches (centimetres) vanish in 30 minutes, and further reduce over the next couple of days was almost magical! The technology had been improved further since the Dr. Oz show, and the units were three generations further advanced!


I am now pleased to bring this technology to you, either for personal treatment or to your clinic.


Please enjoy our website and contact us at You Made Anew with any questions you may have or to book an appointment.


In appreciation,


Karen Meltcher

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