Welcome to You Made Anew and the coming of age of Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation (we like to call it fat melting). Up until now, this technology was less than promised, but has now come of age. We, at You Made Anew, are pleased to offer you the latest, leading edge technology, in Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation. Cavitation is a natural phenomenon of getting rid of fat cells based on low frequency ultrasound. You can now get real, tangible results on Cellulite, Muffin-Top, Neck, Saddlebags, Stomach, Buttocks, Arms, Legs or any areas with stubborn pockets of fat. Explore our site and find what we can do for you to help you feel great about yourself! Let us at You Made Anew, make you … made anew!

Now Available For
Your MedSpa or Clinic

If you would like to bring this technology to your business, YMA Body Slimming Pty. Ltd. is an Australian and New Zealand distributor for the BSE Ultra Slim Express. Click here to bring this technology to your business.

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